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1) Hemispherical Synchronization

Hemispherical synchronization was registered in 1975 by Robert Allan Monroe, who first experienced relaxation induced by acoustic effects in 1956.
Hemispherical synchronization refers to the simultaneous functioning of the left and right hemispheres of the brain to quickly reach pre-defined, controlled levels of consciousness and develop new mental potential. This synchronization takes place using stereophonic auditory stimulation of the brain with tones in varying frequencies.

Thanks to its ability to quickly access different levels of consciousness, hemispherical synchronization offers enormous mental relaxation and development potential. The required frequency combinations can be purchased as Hemi-Sync CDs.

Effects of hemispherical synchronization

* Deep relaxation, complete stress relief
* Health sleep without sleeping aids, dream work

* Higher alertness, concentration, accelerated learning
* Supports meditative states
* Promotes creativity

2) Vibration Training

Vibration training refers to the biomechanical stimulation of the muscular, tissue, and skeletal structure through motorized vibrations on a exercise plate capable of triggering 1,800 to 3,000 muscle contraction per minute.
The technique was originally developed for space flight and was intended to help prevent muscular atrophy during periods of weightlessness.

This exercise method makes it possible to stimulate 97% of the muscles within a very short time. In addition to burning fat, vibration training can also be used to prevent cellulite and osteoporosis.

3) Osho - Kundalini

Kundalini Meditation serves primarily as a means of self-help and is an easy to learn method of meditation for people suffering from everyday stress. A session lasts for one hour and can be divided into four, 15-minute phases each accompanied by different music.

Phase 1: Shaking
Phase 2: Dancing
Phase 3: Sitting
Phase 4: Lying down

Effects of Kundalini


Body: * Physical relaxation

* Reduced stress, unwind from the hectic pace of everyday life
* Balance resulting from the joining together of body and soul

Mind: * Conscious experience of meditative moments
* Deep mental relaxation

* Balance resulting from the joining together of body and soul

4) Bodybalance

Bodywork is a powerful tool that helps intensify physical well-being by increasing the awareness of certain postural patterns.
The practices lead to deep relaxation, relieve physical discomfort and chronic tension, alleviate burn-out and encourage the body to relax.
There are both passive and active methods that work with kinematics.

Here is an overview of the different approaches:

Please select:

  • Rolfing
  • Rebalancing
  • Trager

4) Floating

The floating tank was developed in the mid-1850s by John C. Lilly (1915-2001) on behalf of the U.S. government.
The tanks are filled with a salt water solution maintained at skin temperature. The person in the tanks experiences a relaxing sense of weightlessness.
Combined with subdued light, absolute silence or meditative music, floating helps relax the body (muscles) and mind. Stress disappears quickly as the person unwinds from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Effects of floating


* Physical relaxation
* Reduced stress, unwind from the hectic pace of everyday life
* Unique sense of weightlessness

* Meditative state of completely letting yourself go
* Deep relaxation

Costs: approx. € 60 / 60 min.

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