helps improve physical posture and structure to promote good health and strengthening both physical and mental systems.
The treatment takes place through systematic deep-tissue manipulation using massage techniques. This changes the position and consistency of the tissue to improve its structure.
This client-based bodywork traditionally takes place in 3 - 7 sessions to work with different body zones. The number of sessions can be individually tailored to the clients's needs and coordinated with the well -  trained rebalancing specialist. Even one single Session is completely relaxing. –
Effects of Rebalancing:

•    Restores harmony between body and mind
•    Improves neuromuscular functioning, relieves stress
•    Balances body, mind and spirit
•    Long-lasting, deep relaxation

•    Restores harmony between body and mind
•    Improves ability to concentrate
•    Calms the spirit
•    Deep relaxation